Muay Thai is one of the most popular and effective striking arts in the world. Muay Thai translates (literally) to Thai Boxing. It is also widely know as the deadly art of eight limbs, where the fists, elbows, knees and shins are trained to become effective striking extensions of the practitioner’s body. The history of the art can be traced back to the 18th century when a young fighter of Siam named Nai Khanomtom was captured by the Burmese in 1767. Knowing that he was a fighter, the Burmese offered him an opportunity of freedom – but he would have to fight for it. It is said that he impressively defeated 10 fighters back to back and returned to Siam a hero. The fighting style eventually became known as Muay Thai, and recognized as a national sport of Thailand.

Muay Thai is a simple martial art – this simplicity forces Nak Muay (students of Muay Thai) to create honest, achievable physical goals. Techniques are taught hands on, with each Nak Muay performing static (heavy bag), dynamic (pads) and interactive (partner) drills. There is a strong emphasis on technique, repetition and appropriate application. These are life skills that can be applied to everyday life.

Be Challenged!

A Nak Muay at Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy can expect to be positively challenged at improving their physical and mental state via the foundational pillars of the sport.

Technique, Conditioning, Sparring

To effectively participate and reap the physical and mental benefits of Muay Thai, it is important to learn the basics. All Nak Muay – beginners to advanced – are taught the same techniques. However, our program is designed to foster the growth and progression of each student with various sequences and combinations. All students start at level I (white shorts) and may choose to advance their rank to level IV ( black & gold shorts).

Traditionally, a competitive Muay Thai fight is 5 x 3 ( five rounds, 3 minutes each round, 1 minute rest between rounds). This means 20 – 30 minutes of intense physical output and mental focus. Most Nak Muay (students) train for the fitness and lifestyle improvements. Drills are performed to strengthen the arms, legs and core. The pace of drills is often dynamic (mimicking the pace of a bout) to progressively push the limit on cardiovascular performance. A strong body seeds confidence and motivates students to challenge themselves inside and outside of the gym.

Sparring is “practice fighting.” It is an optional session where Nak Muay interactively apply the techniques they are taught in a safe, controlled and respectful environment. It is also an opportunity for students (that intend to compete) to apply their own creativity using the basic techniques and combinations.


A Nak Muay that fully applies themselves to learning the art by studying technique, strengthening their physique and sparring will often see noticeable changes in how they apply discipline to analyze and solve difficult everyday problems such as work, school, business and life in general