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Our Muay Thai Kickboxing trials are a great opportunity for potential students to evaluate our approach. Our commitment is always to be beginner friendly and provide an excellent platform through which even the most experienced Nak Muay can challenge their knowledge & technique and improve. Get ready to have a blast!


Select the appropriate age session and enter the full name of the PERSON ATTENDING the trial. After booking you will receive an email with an activity waiver that must be reviewed, initialed and signed prior to your trial class. For children under the age of 18, the document must be signed by a PARENT/GUARDIAN. Minors cannot sign on their own behalf. Adults booking trials will sign on their own behalf.


Booked a trial? Awesome! We can’t wait to meet you! 😊

After booking your trial, you only need to wear a pair of comfortable shorts, and a t-shirt.  Hand wraps and a pair of boxing gloves are optional for your trials. Arrive 15 minutes early to meet with us – we start as soon as any other activities on the mat end & our cleaning protocols have completed.

We are located at Unit 110, 210 Broadway, Orangeville ON

Here is some information that you might find useful.