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Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy

4.9Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 61 Google reviews

Aylee Baker
16 hours ago

Art of 8 Martial Arts Academy is a welcoming, kind, and supportive environment; which hosts a strong family dynamic. I have been training here for almost 2 years and it has drastically changed my life for the better. Kru Martello is very helpful and focuses on growth and personal development, while simultaneously prioritizing safety. I absolutely recommend training here, there are a variety of classes depending on skill level and intensity. Overall Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy is a truly amazing place and I am very grateful to be able to train here.

Filipe Dutra
2 days ago

The trainer of art of 8 martial arts is an amazing person. He's very friendly and great with his students including his wife and two kids. You are very friendly with everybody that attends The trainers are amazing and all the students are very friendly. I highly recommend it

Nicholas Savas
2 days ago

This Muay Thai academy is filled with students of all ages and skill levels. I joined this place not having any back ground in Muay Thai or martial arts and I was welcomed with open arms by the team. Kru Martello, Janeque, and Rob make you comfortable and will work with your journey whether that's just for fitness or working towards getting into the ring. Highly recommend coming and checking this place out!

Emmanuel Diaz
4 days ago

Whether you are completely new to martial arts, just want to get a great workout in, or if you’re a competing athlete wanting take your skills up a notch definitely come in and have a chat with coach Janeque or Kru Martello. From the moment you walk through the front doors you feel welcome no matter what level you are at. Janeque made sure to answer all of my questions when signing up. They have a great app which makes booking, tracking , and cancelling your classes a breeze. The gym is extremely well kept , clean and tidy. All of the equipment is spotless every time you go to class. Classes are super fun and challenging for all levels and ages. Kru Martello and the coaches Rob, Janeque and Jai-Kristoëff will always make sure you stay motivated and are always pushing you to improve at your pace. Every single class I go to whether it’s a Muay Thai technique, boxing or strength and conditioning, there is always a lesson to take back home with me. I have noticed a huge improvement on my overall fitness as well as technique since joining in July of 2022. A big THANK YOU to the 8team for great ,fun workouts and always making sure we are learning/ practicing this incredible sport safely. 10/10!!

a week ago

Best gym in the world!. And the world is a pretty big place so that says a lot.

Lyncoln Freitas Sant
3 weeks ago

This was a great experience and I highly recommend it for people who are looking for a total body workout and mental challenge. Janeque and Kru Martello are experts!

The Penfolds
2 months ago

My son has been a student here, and I am happy to share our positive experience! The leadership and growth mindset fostered at Art Of 8 are truly exceptional. From the moment we walked in, the warm and supportive environment created by the instructors and staff was evident. The coaches' dedication to instilling a positive mindset in every student is commendable. The instructors not only teach the art of Muay Thai but also impart invaluable life skills. They encourage students to push their limits, embrace challenges, and develop their confidence and resilience. The training sessions are well-structured and engaging, and the instructors exhibit a wealth of knowledge and experience. They break down techniques step-by-step, patiently guiding students through the learning process. It's evident that they genuinely care about each student's progress and growth.

Lau Rie
6 months ago

Top notch coaches and top notch facility. My 13 year old son attends classes here and he loves it. His confidence has grown, he comes out of class with a big smile, feels great and looks forward to the next one. The environment Martello and Janeque have created is welcoming, encouraging, fun, fair and inspiring. Free trial class. Very fair pricing. I highly recommend Art of 8!

Cristina A
8 months ago

I started going to Art of 8 because of my goal of having a well-rounded fitness regimen I don't always see when going to a regular gym: physical health, mental health, discipline, and doing something fun and out of my comfort zone. So far, all of my classes have fulfilled those expectations. I also like the group setting—the sense of community, lack of judgement, and feeling from training with others adds to the whole experience. Martello and Janique are also super nice and I'm way happier to spend my money at a small business where they actually care. I'm excited to keep on this routine and see more progress!

Oshiya Newby-Morgan
8 months ago

My mother made the perfect decision to enroll me at Art of 8 academy. I've seen nothing but growth and positive progression. I've always wanted to compete on a martial arts competition team and Art of 8 academy made this possible. Now I stand as Dufferin County's First female National and Provincial champion, also securing a spot with Team Canada. Thank you Art of 8 for making my dreams come TRUE!!!

Melissa H
a year ago

Art of 8 is absolutely incredible. From the moment you walk in the door until you leave your are left in awe. The confidence, respect, self worth, life skills, knowledge, core values these students are taught is something you have never seen before. I highly recommend this academy! The confidence they have provided to my 11 year old is truly incredible! Thank you to all the hard working coaches and staff for making this such an incredible environment!

Jordyn Mackonka
a year ago

This is a special place. The community coach Martello and his family have created at Art of 8 is truly welcoming and amazing to experience. It's a place to learn, reignite your beginner's mentality and push your limits. They offer a free trial, do yourself a favour and give it a try!

Davinder hundal
a year ago

Love this place! This academy is very professional and what I love the most is that the Coach's all know each students name whether even of they are new. They make the experience personal and notice each Trainees and what they are doing well in and what they need assistance with. Great place to put your kids in for discipline and much more!

Cultural Wheat 66
8 months ago

Coach Martello is great! He is very professional, knowledgable, makes lessons fun and engaging and is a great guy! If you are looking for a serious-but also fun martial arts academy, art of 8 is for you! 10/10. Also the online classes through zoom are amazing!

Sandra Hernández
2 years ago

Martello and art of 8 team are amazing and super professional! We were hesitant to sign up my nephew, he doesn’t show interest in almost any activity and gets distracted very easily, but we signed him up and we are amazed how much he loves going to his class! It has helped him to stay focused and been more disciplined. We also notice he feels more confident and sleeps better (after taking out all that energy) Also, the communication with Martello is amazingly good and quick! He is always around to answer any questions! I definitely recommend them!! 🙂

Stephanie Manios
a year ago

This place is great! Coach Martello explains everything so well. He keeps classes entertaining as well as informative, and you never feel out of place. It is a very family oriented place to be, and everyone is so welcoming and helpful! I love class, and always look forward to the next one!!

Simone Sparks
2 years ago

My son loves coming to Art of 8! Martello has helped him to be disciplined, he is challenged daily and he was also able to get in shape. Safe environment surrounded by good people and good vibes. I encourage everyone to try a class you won't be disappointed.

Jason Wildman
2 years ago

Art of 8 is such an amazing academy! The level of teaching and respect the show from the students to the their parents is like no other. So happy to have found this Academy as our son is truly in his happy place when he arrives! Thank you Art of 8!

Andreea Elena
2 years ago

I love this place!! The environment is very friendly and welcoming, classes are energetic and challenging, students are supportive with each other, and coach Martello is an excellent instructor, always paying attention to each student and giving individual feedback on how to improve your techniques! I honestly can’t recommend Art of 8 Arts Academy enough!!

Dakota Clark
2 years ago

Could not recommend Art of 8 any more highly. I’ve been taking their women’s Muay Thai classes for only two months and already notice such a difference in my fitness level and confidence. The Ao8 team have created a welcoming and supportive environment. This is one of the best gyms I’ve had the pleasure of joining. You will not be disappointed here.

Tanya Young
a year ago

My kids love learning Muay Thai here! Such a great place for families. The owners are very kind, genuine and provide such a great atmosphere for everyone to learn, not just martial arts, but so many valuable skills to use in life! Highly recommend!

jasmine nanda
8 months ago

Love going to Art of 8! Such a great team and great people! if you’re looking to grow your personal skills and gain strength, this is the place to go!

Wendy Medwid
2 years ago

I felt welcome from my first interaction with Martello. I have no experience with Martial Arts, Martello breaks it all down. He pushes you, but understands personal limitations. It's fun and a great stress reliever, you work at your own pace. The only competition is within yourself. As far as Covid, the space is clean, sanitized, its a great safe space. I want to also mention I'm 56, and am loving it

Sal Pece
4 years ago

I love the expression "Lead from the front" and that's exactly what Martello brings to class each and every night! He clearly and effectively describes and demonstrates every movement, and vigilantly offers corrective advice and inspiration to bring the best out in us. Every class is high energy and is highly engaging. I’ve noticed significant improvement in the few weeks since joining. I encourage anyone who’s been on the bench to try something new to go ahead and give it a try.

Jonathan Pezzelato
3 years ago

Martello is a great instructor who brings the energy to the table that will make you run through a wall. Great for someone who never did Muay Thai before and for someone who is experienced. The building is modern and clean, plus good vibes all around. Would highly recommend.

Natalie Ellul
2 years ago

I highly recommend Art of 8. My daughter absolutely loves going and coach Martello is amazing with her and is willing to help with anything. She has overcome so much since being with Art of 8. Even with covid I feel safe in bringing her. They follow all the proper protocols.

Couch Martello and his Team are incredible. They make sure to provide not just excellent training but also support, teach self-discipline and make sure kids learn to respect others.

Samantha Stevenson
a year ago

My son is thriving in his program. The training and values being taught are really helping him in and outside the gym. Our family highly recommends Art of 8

Michele Abdon
3 years ago

It is a Good place, good environment and vibes. I love our teacher Martello he is very friendly and focus to help us get our best. Thanks Art of 8 Martial Team.

Luisa Giangualano
2 years ago

Would HIGHLY recommend attending Art of 8. The team is experienced, caring and knowledgeable. This school is not like others, you are learning practical skills for self defense combined with intense conditioning.

Brett Hale
4 years ago

Amazing instructor and great students. You can't beat the quality of training you get and the extremely positive atmosphere. If you're thinking about trying out Art of 8 Muay Thai, just do it. You won't regret it!

Tarrah Macpherson
a year ago

Amazing family friendly place. The owners are lovely people and Kru Martello is amazing with kids of all ages! My son loves it there!

2 years ago

This is the best! This has helped me out so much fitness wise and mentally. It makes me set good goals and try my hardest to reach them. I'm only 3 weeks in and I can't wait to get to my next class every time I sign off. -Aiden, 11 years old

Chad Ransom
a year ago

Just joined this great place with my son. The atmosphere is welcoming respectful and fun. I am happy to find a location that values community health and family. I recommend to everyone

Dean Nicholson
4 years ago

What an enjoyable class. I have never tried muay thai before and I thought it was amazing! The teacher knows his stuff from the cardio to the indepth explaination of the thai boxing style. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get in shape to give this a try, your cardio will go through the roof!

Kim Z
2 years ago

I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile. Martello is very patient with me and everyone else. The whole team at Art of 8 is great. So glad I joined.

Jordan Sedore
3 years ago

Absolutely amazing atmosphere that is super energizing. Great work outs and lessons and really easy to follow. I’ve only been going for a few weeks but I’ve already seen great improvements. Can’t compliment this place enough

Heather Locke
a year ago

We had a birthday party for my son. It was so much fun! Well organized reasonably priced, overall great experience!! I would highly recommend!!!

jonathan macneill
3 years ago

This is my first ever Google review but I want everyone to know Martello is an awesome trainer and classes are very welcoming would recommend art of 8 to anyone

3 years ago

Absolutely love it!!! Great environment! Great students! Awesome coach, who will take your training to the next level! Highly recommended!

Kevin Kyle
3 years ago

This is a great workout! People are great and it is a fun and respectful environment. The instruction is awesome and very motivating. I highly recommend this.

Leanne De Palma
2 years ago

Very clean facility and a teacher who is top notch. So glad I signed my son up here.

Carol Ann Hillhouse
2 years ago

My son loves it and it gives him focus and release his energy

2 years ago

Coach is amazing! Great facility.10/10

Eromosele Odijie
2 years ago

Great social and mental development for the kids