Respect, Focus, Discipline and Leadership: The perfect martial arts for kids

Muay thai - a culture of respect

Muay Thai is a martial art that is deeply rooted in a culture of perseverance and community. Your kids will learn tenets that will stay with them for life. At Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy, students strive to live by the school motto - "Labor Omnia Vincit. Amat Victoria Curam." Translated, this means (Hard) work conquers all, victory favors preparation. Starting at 5 years old, our Mighty 8s G1 classes will help your kids set a STRONG foundation of life long success.

Muay Thai builds character

8 to 13 years is a perfect time to enforce long term values

Our approach to teaching kids utilizes a balance between fun, hard work and commitment. This allows kids in the 8-13 year old age group to come into their own unique personalities and develop a strong network of friends that are all working towards one goal - making each other the best version of themselves.