Respect, Focus, Discipline and Leadership: The perfect martial arts for kids

Muay thai - a culture of respect

Muay Thai is a martial art that is deeply rooted in a culture of perseverance and community. Your kids will learn tenets that will stay with them for life. At Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy, students strive to live by the school motto - "Labor Omnia Vincit. Amat Victoria Curam." Translated, this means (Hard) work conquers all, victory favors preparation. Starting at 5 years old, our Mighty 8s G1 classes will help your kids set a STRONG foundation of life long success.

Muay Thai builds character

8 to 13 years is a perfect time to enforce long term values

Our approach to teaching kids utilizes a balance between fun, hard work and commitment. This allows kids in the 8-13 year old age group to come into their own unique personalities and develop a strong network of friends that are all working towards one goal - making each other the best version of themselves.


Our classes are FUN. But they are also highly structured. This environment helps kids with focus issues THRIVE.



We have an amazing process for integrating shy kids with the group. At first, they will be uncomfortable (all shy kids are in new settings!). However, in no time you will see them making friends, laughing, and having an absolute BLAST.



Training in the same martial art as your children is an excellent avenue to dedicate some extra time for bonding outside the home. We have classes for mom and the entire family. Check out our adult classes and seeĀ  if there is a trial time that works for you too! Read about some additional benefits of training in Muay Thai here