End Of Summer Update

This year has been quite the epic rollercoaster! Although COVID-19 is not yet behind us, it is inspiring to see how Ontarians have been doing their part to responsibly keep the economy and social connections moving forward. I am particularly impressed with the strength and compassion the residents of Dufferin County have displayed in taking care of the most vulnerable and establishing networks of care and support. We absolutely LOVE this community!

Home Schooling vs Sending The Kids To School

This is an interesting topic and there are merits to all sides of the conversation – all parents reserve the right to choose which option makes more sense for their situation. That being said, the kids are the ones most affected by this decision and it is important that parents allow them to still safely interact with other kids and remain active. We are social creatures and kids need that community. Our martial arts program is a great example of how kids can safely socialize, remain active and have some semblance of normal. We follow STRICT guidelines & protocols established by Muay Thai Ontario, Kickboxing Ontario and World Amateur Kickboxing Organization to ensure our kids program is top tier and SAFE.

Back to school SPECIAL

We have launched our Fall Back To School Promotion and it is simply AMAZING!!! We want to ensure that all new members can start the Fall session ready so we are giving away a Fall Ready Kit with all new signups. Check out our promo page to book a trial today

Save 20% on kids martial arts & 15% on adult memberships.

All new activations receive FREE uniform, FREE gloves, FREE wraps and NO sign up fee – a $300 value!

Week 2 Of Re-Opening: Schedule Updated

As we enter the second week of re-opening, we are making more changes to help everyone safely get back to normal!

Starting Monday, July 6 all kids classes are now back in their pre-COVID time slots. Adult classes start at 7:30PM and run up to 90 minutes. In general, the adult classes follow a similar lesson plan as the previous schedule. However, to ensure that we are able to run a smooth sanitization workflow, we ask that students attempt to make it for 7:30PM, when the performance training begins. If you are unable to make it on any night, Distance Learning is still available via Zoom. This is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to reserve on-site classes as well as to accommodate scenarios where your schedule wont allow you to come in at the prescribed times. We anticipate that the schedule will remain in place for another 1 – 2 weeks before we add more classes back to the evening roster.

Want to get back to training? There are some new requirements from the government and our Provincial/National Sports Organizations

  • Anyone training in the facility must be a registered member of the gym. No spectators. To ensure that there is sufficient space to meet distancing requirements, we ask that parents perform screening with their child (see point three below) and then wait in their cars or return after class. Please on time for pickup, we do not want the kids grouping up in the lobby waiting as this would be in violation of our PSO/NSO guidelines.
  • Onsite participants MUST be a registered recreational or competitive member of a Provincial Sports Organization. We are a member of World Amateur Kickboxing Association & Muay Thai Ontario. Muay Thai Ontario recreational membership can be done online for FREE at this link (For School and School Email, please use Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy & memberships@artof8.com
  • Members will undergo a mandatory screening questionnaire prior to entry in the facility. This will be done every day – no exceptions.
  • You must arrive at the facility ready to go. Appropriate academy attire must be on prior to entry. There is no access to the change rooms.
  • Enter with as little equipment as possible. Try to keep it limited to a bottle of water, your car keys, gloves and wraps.
  • There is to be no person-person contact: No sparring, no focus mitts / pads at this time. You will be assigned a 2x2M square with a heavy bag.

If there are any questions, feel free to email or DM us for clarification.

Make them stronger, younger

Getting kids under 12 tired is definitely a skill! I swear, all children born after 2007 were secretly outfitted with an endless power generator at the hospital 😂. Getting them tired is only 25% of the story. The other 75% – Focus. Fitness. Finesse – is all about helping them build strong character through confidence, problem solving and respect. As parents, we have to recognize that the age old adage still holds true even in today’s digital age:

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New Medium, Same Experience

Let me first extend my sincerest gratitude for the continued support that you have provided in this difficult time. I won’t pretend that it hasn’t been extremely heartbreaking to close the academy doors barely two weeks after opening them. However, unless me or our family gets sick, I will continue to deliver a quality quarantine-safe learning experience for members of the gym and community at large. See streaming sources at the bottom of this blog post.

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Focus. Fitness. Finesse

OPEN HOUSE March 9 to 20: Try For FREE!

Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy is now open! From March 9 to 20, come out and see what Orangeville’s premier Muay Thai Kickboxing studio has to offer. Our curriculum is designed to guide all levels of experience, from beginners with no martial arts experience to competitive athletes. During the open house period, bring a family member or friend and save even more if you both decide to sign up! The trial classes require no commitment.

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2,678,400 seconds in.

We are now 31 days | 744 hours | 44,600 minutes / 2,678,400+ seconds into 2020. Where do you stand with the goals that you have set out to accomplish (fitness or otherwise)? Are you still fired up? Working hard to get to the finish line? Or are you starting have doubts, lose motivation and slowly moving back into the old routine(s)? I sincerely hope that you are all well on track and steamrolling forward like an out of control locomotive!

That being said, if you are starting to see signs of regression, now is a good time to analyze in depth why you are falling off. If you understand why, you can make proactive decisions to counter! Let’s put that in perspective using martial arts for a quick minute:

You are in the ring, facing a game opponent… Your nose is bleeding, your legs are about to give out… But your level of fitness has never been as good as it is; Your skill level is certainly higher than your opponent’s; You are prepared and well equipped to win… So WHY are you in so much pain? The answer is rather simple. You are not moving so you are getting punched in the face… and you are not blocking the leg kicks!

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Academy Update

The work to renovate and prepare the new Art of 8 Martial Arts Academy is well underway. Internal changes and plumbing are near completion. The goal is to create a clean, comfortable top-notch facility while adhering to local and provincial bi-laws and regulations. To this end, our Contractors require some additional time to ensure everything is done right. Therefore, our new projected opening will be early February 2020. We will have a more concrete date following inspections by the Town of Orangeville. We appreciate your continued patience 🙏🏾

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A new year brings many blessings

Happy New Year to all! Today marks the start of another year – another journey around the sun. In some ways, a new year is like a reset button. It helps us to find motivation and put our objectives back on track. It’s also a good time to make quality decisions about our physical and mental well being. We live in an era when our lives are so easily burdened by the negativity that is awash in both traditional and social media. It is important that as we embark on starting new regimes, workout programs, diets and so forth, we make conscious decisions to choose systems that will feed our growth and not sling us into those channels of negativity. After all, we want these changes to be lifestyle improvements and not 1 week “resolutions.” At Art of 8, we are building a community of like minded people… and healthy communities thrive because while each individual may have a different goal, the journey (including the highs and lows) is shared by everyone.

Want to kickstart your 2020 with a difference? We are running a founders special until the end of January (or the limited spots sell out). Check out the SIGN-UP page for details.

Founders Special is Live!

With unabated enthusiasm, we are happy to announce that the target date for the opening of Art of 8 Martial Arts Academy is Monday January 20, 2020. That’s right, after months of searching, negotiating, applying for permits and renovations, we will be opening our doors to a flagship academy in just under 20 days. If this date changes, we will communicate via email and social media.

Classes will continue out of 25 Centennial Road, until the renovations are completed, and the final inspections are approved.

More Programs. More sessions. Unmatched Value.

In 2019, we launched our Muay Thai Kickboxing program with 2 classes. The community loved it, and we responded by increasing to 5 classes per week. Now, with the opening of our own facility we will be offering more martial arts programs that deliver over 20 classes per week (80+ per month). We have created membership options that will allow you to take full advantage of your interests. All programs (with the exception of the 8-TeenZ youth program) have options for 1 class per week ($39.99), 2 classes ($59.99) and unlimited ($69.99)

  • 8-TeenZ Muay Thai: 5 classes per week, ages 12 to 17
  • Muay Thai (Mixed): Up to 12 classes per week, all ages, including Muay Thai, Competition Club, Advanced Kickboxing Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring
  • Muay Thai (Ladies): all ages, including ladies only classes as well as access to Mixed classes
  • Boxing: Up to 6 classes per week, all ages, including Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring
  • X-Train Elite: Full access to all programs and classes, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Competition Club, Advanced Kickboxing Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring and Ladies Muay Thai / Kickboxing (where applicable)


  1. Sparring classes require an instructors assessment & approval.
  2. Sparring, strength & conditioning, advanced kickboxing drills require an attendance plan with a minimum of 2 classes per week. 
  3. Competition club requires an unlimited membership
  4. Students that opt to partake in sparring and competition club will be required to attend a minimum number of classes per month, to ensure safety via consistent training habits.

From January 1 – 31, get the multi-discipline, all access X-Train Elite membership ($79.99) for the price of a single discipline unlimited membership ($69.99)! That is, a lifetime, all access pass to multiple disciplines, exclusive discounts and priority access for the cost for our Muay Thai ONLY program. 

X-Train Elite (cross train elite) is the membership option that guarantees access to all applicable programs within the academy.  With this membership, a student will have full access to Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Competition Club and discounted merchandise from the store among other benefits. We are offering a limited number of memberships at this price, and when that threshold is met the deal will no longer be available for purchase. Get yours on the SIGN-UP page! 

What’s included:

  • All Boxing classes
  • All Muay Thai classes
  • Ladies only classes
  • All Strength & Conditioning classes
  • Competition Club membership (subject to proficiency requirements)
  • Setup fee waived during the Founder’s Special period
  • Academy uniform (shorts + t-shirt) included
  • Special discounts on all equipment and apparel for in-store purchases
  • Priority access to seminars, special events & ticket sales
  • This is a lifetime price, provided membership does not lapse or get cancelled.