New Medium, Same Experience

Let me first extend my sincerest gratitude for the continued support that you have provided in this difficult time. I won’t pretend that it hasn’t been extremely heartbreaking to close the academy doors barely two weeks after opening them. However, unless me or our family gets sick, I will continue to deliver a quality quarantine-safe learning experience for members of the gym and community at large. See streaming sources at the bottom of this blog post.

Daily Workouts & Virtual Training 

We had to adapt, very quickly. Every day there are two sessions that are streamed for the general public. There is a midday / 12:00PM session, catered to children. Parents can (and should join in) to continue building bonds through martial arts. Let the kids have some fun & dispense some of the energy they seem to have an unlimited supply of…

There is an 8:00PM HIIT cardio/conditioning circuit. 

The same good old strength and conditioning regime that I put you through in class is streamed online for the entire community to do. It is mostly equipment free so all that’s needed is a safe space and 30 minutes to hammer out some sweat and burn some calories. 

After the nightly live stream, we go straight into a members only session on Zoom.

This allows us to truly be in a virtual class setting. In these sessions I can see exactly what each member is doing and give corrective tips and feedback. Remember, your current state of skill and progress is a milestone achievement. I do not want you to regress on all that hard work that has been put in. Earlier this week, I sent calendar invitations to your membership email address. Please accept the invitation, it has all the details for joining at 8:30PM. If the description mentions 12:00PM, still accept and  ignore the the description. The correct time will be set in your calendar when you accept it.
PS: your family/ household members are 100% allowed to join in and participate with you!  Let us keep moving forward as best as we can, because it will be a while before we can once again congregate in person as a team.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you on Zoom (and the conditioning stream) as possible! 

Streaming Sources

Monday to Friday: 12:00PM | 8:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00AM | 1:00PM
Instagramhttps://Instagram.com/ artof8martialarts
YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/ channel/ UCPgpUU1ozyWJKLqMQqH98Dw

Monday to Friday: 8:30PM
Zoom: [Members: check your email for the invitation]

General Informationhttps://artof8.com/livestream

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay focused.


Focus. Fitness. Finesse

OPEN HOUSE March 9 to 20: Try For FREE!

Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy is now open! From March 9 to 20, come out and see what Orangeville’s premier Muay Thai Kickboxing studio has to offer. Our curriculum is designed to guide all levels of experience, from beginners with no martial arts experience to competitive athletes. During the open house period, bring a family member or friend and save even more if you both decide to sign up! The trial classes require no commitment.

Are you ready to get in shape & learn what is considered one of the best striking arts in the world?

Reserve your trial spot at https://artof8.com/trial/ and arrive 15 minutes early for orientation. To get the most out of your workout, please travel with the following items: A comfortable pair of shorts & a t-shirt. Hand wraps, 16oz boxing gloves. If you do not have any gear, we may be able to loan gloves but they are limited in numbers and are issued on a first come basis. If necessity, gear can also be bought from the Ao8 Online Store,

Come By And Check Us Out: Unit 110, 210 Broadway, Orangeville


Your location:

2,678,400 seconds in.

We are now 31 days | 744 hours | 44,600 minutes / 2,678,400+ seconds into 2020. Where do you stand with the goals that you have set out to accomplish (fitness or otherwise)? Are you still fired up? Working hard to get to the finish line? Or are you starting have doubts, lose motivation and slowly moving back into the old routine(s)? I sincerely hope that you are all well on track and steamrolling forward like an out of control locomotive!

That being said, if you are starting to see signs of regression, now is a good time to analyze in depth why you are falling off. If you understand why, you can make proactive decisions to counter! Let’s put that in perspective using martial arts for a quick minute:

You are in the ring, facing a game opponent… Your nose is bleeding, your legs are about to give out… But your level of fitness has never been as good as it is; Your skill level is certainly higher than your opponent’s; You are prepared and well equipped to win… So WHY are you in so much pain? The answer is rather simple. You are not moving so you are getting punched in the face… and you are not blocking the leg kicks!

The analogy above represents a very real ring game (Muay Thai, Boxing, KickBoxing) scenario. It also symbolizes some very real things we all deal with on a day to day basis. In the example, the ring game is your life and or routine. The bleeding nose & sore leg are the mental & emotional obstacles trying to drag you back into 2019. Just like in the ring game scenario, the solution is relatively simple:

  • Block: The things that are heavy to carry by yourself. Surround yourself with positive influences. Take the important step of getting out of the house and into the gym – even if you are feeling low-energy, show up. It is the most important step
  • Move: Keep moving forward. If your new year goals include changing things up (for example dieting or even the number of times you get into the gym for a workout) there are days when you will mess up (especially with eating). The key thing is recognize it right away and prioritize getting back on track.
  • Simplify: Sometimes the biggest problem is actually that we try to do too much, too quickly. For example ramping into both a new workout pattern and a drastic change in diet may be too much of a shock to your body. Prioritize the workout and find your rhythm, then slowly add the dietary improvements (or vice versa).

If you have not started your journey at all… Don’t worry. You cannot reclaim the 2,678,400 seconds that have already passed… However you have twenty eight million, eight hundred and fifty seven, six hundred seconds (28,857,600) remaining to make a change. I would be honoured to be an integral part of that change and journey. Book a trial and let us see if our Muay Thai and Fitness classes are a good fit for you.

Keep up the good work!

Academy Update

The work to renovate and prepare the new Art of 8 Martial Arts Academy is well underway. Internal changes and plumbing are near completion. The goal is to create a clean, comfortable top-notch facility while adhering to local and provincial bi-laws and regulations. To this end, our Contractors require some additional time to ensure everything is done right. Therefore, our new projected opening will be early February 2020. We will have a more concrete date following inspections by the Town of Orangeville. We appreciate your continued patience 🙏🏾

Classes continue at 25 Centennial Road until rennovations are completed.

The Founder’s Special will be extended until opening week. You can purchase your copy of this amazing membership bundle on the sign-up page.

Thank you for your patience and support.

A new year brings many blessings

Happy New Year to all! Today marks the start of another year – another journey around the sun. In some ways, a new year is like a reset button. It helps us to find motivation and put our objectives back on track. It’s also a good time to make quality decisions about our physical and mental well being. We live in an era when our lives are so easily burdened by the negativity that is awash in both traditional and social media. It is important that as we embark on starting new regimes, workout programs, diets and so forth, we make conscious decisions to choose systems that will feed our growth and not sling us into those channels of negativity. After all, we want these changes to be lifestyle improvements and not 1 week “resolutions.” At Art of 8, we are building a community of like minded people… and healthy communities thrive because while each individual may have a different goal, the journey (including the highs and lows) is shared by everyone.

Want to kickstart your 2020 with a difference? We are running a founders special until the end of January (or the limited spots sell out). Check out the SIGN-UP page for details.

Founders Special is Live!

With unabated enthusiasm, we are happy to announce that the target date for the opening of Art of 8 Martial Arts Academy is Monday January 20, 2020. That’s right, after months of searching, negotiating, applying for permits and renovations, we will be opening our doors to a flagship academy in just under 20 days. If this date changes, we will communicate via email and social media.

Classes will continue out of 25 Centennial Road, until the renovations are completed, and the final inspections are approved.

More Programs. More sessions. Unmatched Value.

In 2019, we launched our Muay Thai Kickboxing program with 2 classes. The community loved it, and we responded by increasing to 5 classes per week. Now, with the opening of our own facility we will be offering more martial arts programs that deliver over 20 classes per week (80+ per month). We have created membership options that will allow you to take full advantage of your interests. All programs (with the exception of the 8-TeenZ youth program) have options for 1 class per week ($39.99), 2 classes ($59.99) and unlimited ($69.99)

  • 8-TeenZ Muay Thai: 5 classes per week, ages 12 to 17
  • Muay Thai (Mixed): Up to 12 classes per week, all ages, including Muay Thai, Competition Club, Advanced Kickboxing Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring
  • Muay Thai (Ladies): all ages, including ladies only classes as well as access to Mixed classes
  • Boxing: Up to 6 classes per week, all ages, including Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring
  • X-Train Elite: Full access to all programs and classes, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Competition Club, Advanced Kickboxing Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring and Ladies Muay Thai / Kickboxing (where applicable)


  1. Sparring classes require an instructors assessment & approval.
  2. Sparring, strength & conditioning, advanced kickboxing drills require an attendance plan with a minimum of 2 classes per week. 
  3. Competition club requires an unlimited membership
  4. Students that opt to partake in sparring and competition club will be required to attend a minimum number of classes per month, to ensure safety via consistent training habits.

From January 1 – 31, get the multi-discipline, all access X-Train Elite membership ($79.99) for the price of a single discipline unlimited membership ($69.99)! That is, a lifetime, all access pass to multiple disciplines, exclusive discounts and priority access for the cost for our Muay Thai ONLY program. 

X-Train Elite (cross train elite) is the membership option that guarantees access to all applicable programs within the academy.  With this membership, a student will have full access to Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Competition Club and discounted merchandise from the store among other benefits. We are offering a limited number of memberships at this price, and when that threshold is met the deal will no longer be available for purchase. Get yours on the SIGN-UP page! 

What’s included:

  • All Boxing classes
  • All Muay Thai classes
  • Ladies only classes
  • All Strength & Conditioning classes
  • Competition Club membership (subject to proficiency requirements)
  • Setup fee waived during the Founder’s Special period
  • Academy uniform (shorts + t-shirt) included
  • Special discounts on all equipment and apparel for in-store purchases
  • Priority access to seminars, special events & ticket sales
  • This is a lifetime price, provided membership does not lapse or get cancelled.

The countdown starts…

Under construction…

A blank canvas usually means more work. More work (to me) means more love, thought and connection to whatever is put on that blank canvas. Today I took possession of the keys to the unit that will house Art of 8 in the new year. It was a monumental accomplishment because it meant a step closer to realizing a dream. The unit is the canvas upon which your continued love & support will see us as a team of martial artists develop an important connection with the Orangeville/Shelburne/Grand Valley/Caledon community. We will help people develop their inner strength, physical dexterity and self confidence. In other words, our goal is to help people in this community become champions of life!

Together, we will make Muay Thai & Kickboxing a staple of this incredible community… The countdown starts…


Although winter does not start (officially) until December 21, the squalls of snow this month certainly put winter on all of our minds! It is a time that stirs many emotions for all Canadians. It signals the merry season when people dial back the tension and try to put forward kindness & charity. It can also bring a lot of pressure ranging from “What do I buy?” to “How long is this cold going to last?” This can certainly raise the stress levels and make us miss out on the small, important moments that bind our friendships and families. I have always believed that the best approach to the winter season is to simply embrace it. Build a routine and use it to distract you from otherwise unpleasant anti-cold emotions ;-). Train martial arts, get outside & insert any activity [ for example: snowboarding, ice-fishing, skating, making snow angels etc]… but take refuge in the simple fact that you still have life and health… Do not let the negative feelings win. Stay positive. Stay Strong... Remember, the cold months are also an excellent time to work on building up your cardio, physical strength & Muay Thai skills. Hone your body and fortify your mind. Try a class and Join us in the festive season to see how our dynamic approach keeps things interesting.

Remembering The Fallen

11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month, is a time that invokes emotions of sadness, sanctity and sacrifice. As we go about our routines, rituals and commemorations, please take some time to appreciate the freedoms, privileges and opportunities that the brave families of past have laid down for us via the dedication of their lives.

It has been a long week!

It has been a very long week, and as such I’ve been reflecting a lot on TIME. Make no mistake, “adulting” is HARD! There is no end to the seemingly insurmountable tasks that are packed within 24hrs. This is often why most working age adults find it difficult to commit to training or even the professional development required to take them to a higher level. They simply cannot “find time for anything.” Every person has a different circumstance, but everyone also has the same 24hrs in a day. What’s different is how the time is spent. Let’s take a look at how I structured my day when I was very actively competing at the national and international level:

  • 5:00 – 5:30 Meal prep, start the day
  • 5:30 – 6:30 workout at home, get ready for work
  • 7:00 – 8:00 travel to work
  • 8:00 – 11:30 work, work, work
  • 11:30 – 12:15 train Muay Thai
  • 12:15 – 12:30 lunch
  • 12:30 – 16:00 work, work, work
  • 16:00 – 18:00 groceries or do family activities
  • 18:00 – 20:00 train Muay Thai
  • 21:00 – 22:30 read, chit chat with family, fall asleep then repeat.

Is it worth it?

If a task is not adding to the professional, physical or emotional growth of my family or myself, it is subtracting from it.

As you can see a full day for me back then was FULL. My advice here is to itemize YOUR day and see exactly where your time goes. Notice there is no “meet up with the boys for beer” or “party like a rockstar” 😬… For me, all that stuff can wait until the weekend (if I really wanted to have some RnR). I justified my workflow as follows: If a task is not adding to the professional, physical or emotional growth of my family or myself, it is subtracting from it. As mentioned before, every person has a different situation and we all have to respect that… But I will leave a small challenge for you to consider this weekend. Itemize your most hectic day. Don’t leave anything out. For every item that’s bringing real value into your life, add 10 points. For those that have no visible value, subtract 10. At the end, are you neutral, negative or positive? If neutral or negative you have options…

Have a great weekend!