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So what makes a kids Muay Thai class different from other martial arts? The differences are numerous and heavily dependent on the style and methodology of the instructor (Kru). Most parents reading this post will be familiar with katas or pumsae – forms that students will practice repeatedly in a particular way. There is no comparable thing in Muay Thai. Instead we spend time working on developing effective, practical techniques: a strong stance, powerful kicks, crushing knees & elbows and an intelligent clinch. We then learn how to apply those techniques in drill or sparring sessions. Depending on age, we structure the frequency of these sessions to allow a good balance of skill development (technique) and skill application (sparring & drills).

This is an important perspective to understand because Muay Thai is not point sparring. That is, unlike other martial arts styles that “tag” for points and then pause when one opponent lands a scoring touch… Muay Thai is a full contact, continuous style that happens over multiple rounds. This means participants will actively learn how to plan and execute both offence and defence. Students have to be proficient at keeping their guard, stance and movement effective. This can be a little scary at first, but we encourage parents to sit in and watch a session or two to familiarize themselves with the experience. After a session or two, parents realize that the kids LOVE IT and always end with the biggest smiles on their faces 😁

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