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Andreea, pictured here started with us in early September… She has never done martial arts of any kind but immediately fell in love with Muay Thai and the training methodology that we employ here at Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy. She participates in the Women’s only class as well as the mixed adult classes… The result? A very polite / quiet young lady that LOVES elbow techniques! Keep up the great work Andreea! The next 45 days will be even more amazing… To anyone that would like to do an activity that not only helps you with getting in shape, but also provides a means to manage stress, develop power, control and striking skills – Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy is the place for you! Remember, no one starts an expert, but to be an expert everyone has to start!

Want to learn more about our programs?

Women’s Muay Thai – https://artof8.com/women

Kids Martial Arts – https://artof8.com/mighty8s

Mixed Adult Muay Thai – https://artof8.com/family

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