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Screening Updates

We are extremely grateful for ZERO COVID related incidents at the gym. The continuity of this requires deliberate and consistent efforts from parents and us (teamwork makes the dream work!). As you know, we follow strict guidelines from our Provincial Sports Organizations (PSO). The latest communication advised that we are no longer required to stand at the door and ask you and your children the COVID screening questions. However, by entering the facility on a daily basis, you are declaring that the answer is a resounding no to each of the below questions. This is applicable to parent(s) and child(ren): 

  1. Are you feeling sick (cough/fever/headache/chills/loss of smell or taste)?
  2. Have you travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days?
  3. Did you provide care or have close contact with a person with COVID-19 and while they were ill you were not wearing the appropriate PPE?

The questions will be posted on the main entry door. If on any day the answer is yes to one or more of the questions you must return home

New Fall/Winter Check-In Procedures

We have further streamlined drop-off and pick-up especially for the younger kids (ages 5-7). Effective Tuesday October 13, 2020, parents will be required to enter the foyer, one at a timewith their children to assist with the removal of their shoes, boots, sweaters, jackets etc. We are also reminding you that upon entry each student must take a pump of sanitizer to clean the hands. When a parent exits, the next parent enters with their child(ren) and the process continues. For pick-up, the children will exit according to the parent who is in the foyer. With the cold weather upon us, this is the most effective way to ensure that the children get out of their fall/winter gear QUICKLY and into class as soon as possible. Doors will be opened at 4:45pm daily.

We have two designated parking spaces at the front. Both will be available for drop-off use – we ask that the spots are vacated as soon as your young one(s) are taken inside so that other parents (especially those with babies in the car) can do the same. Please park in the general parking area as much as possible and use these two designated spots for drop-off.

Leggings Are In Stock

We have kids leggings available for purchase. They are a great compliment to the uniform, and help to keep the legs warm while waiting to get into the facility.


We sincerely believe that when friends and family train together, our wider community grows stronger by sharing in the many benefits that martial arts brings. At Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy, our referral program gives a 15% credit for each sign up! Refer five or more people and receive three months FREE!

Team Hoodies Are Available For Pre-Order (Kids | Adults)

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

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