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This year has been quite the epic rollercoaster! Although COVID-19 is not yet behind us, it is inspiring to see how Ontarians have been doing their part to responsibly keep the economy and social connections moving forward. I am particularly impressed with the strength and compassion the residents of Dufferin County have displayed in taking care of the most vulnerable and establishing networks of care and support. We absolutely LOVE this community!

Home Schooling vs Sending The Kids To School

This is an interesting topic and there are merits to all sides of the conversation – all parents reserve the right to choose which option makes more sense for their situation. That being said, the kids are the ones most affected by this decision and it is important that parents allow them to still safely interact with other kids and remain active. We are social creatures and kids need that community. Our martial arts program is a great example of how kids can safely socialize, remain active and have some semblance of normal. We follow STRICT guidelines & protocols established by Muay Thai Ontario, Kickboxing Ontario and World Amateur Kickboxing Organization to ensure our kids program is top tier and SAFE.

Back to school SPECIAL

We have launched our Fall Back To School Promotion and it is simply AMAZING!!! We want to ensure that all new members can start the Fall session ready so we are giving away a Fall Ready Kit with all new signups. Check out our promo page to book a trial today

Save 20% on kids martial arts & 15% on adult memberships.

All new activations receive FREE uniform, FREE gloves, FREE wraps and NO sign up fee – a $300 value!
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