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As we enter the second week of re-opening, we are making more changes to help everyone safely get back to normal!

Starting Monday, July 6 all kids classes are now back in their pre-COVID time slots. Adult classes start at 7:30PM and run up to 90 minutes. In general, the adult classes follow a similar lesson plan as the previous schedule. However, to ensure that we are able to run a smooth sanitization workflow, we ask that students attempt to make it for 7:30PM, when the performance training begins. If you are unable to make it on any night, Distance Learning is still available via Zoom. This is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to reserve on-site classes as well as to accommodate scenarios where your schedule wont allow you to come in at the prescribed times. We anticipate that the schedule will remain in place for another 1 – 2 weeks before we add more classes back to the evening roster.

Want to get back to training? There are some new requirements from the government and our Provincial/National Sports Organizations

  • Anyone training in the facility must be a registered member of the gym. No spectators. To ensure that there is sufficient space to meet distancing requirements, we ask that parents perform screening with their child (see point three below) and then wait in their cars or return after class. Please on time for pickup, we do not want the kids grouping up in the lobby waiting as this would be in violation of our PSO/NSO guidelines.
  • Onsite participants MUST be a registered recreational or competitive member of a Provincial Sports Organization. We are a member of World Amateur Kickboxing Association & Muay Thai Ontario. Muay Thai Ontario recreational membership can be done online for FREE at this link (For School and School Email, please use Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy & memberships@artof8.com
  • Members will undergo a mandatory screening questionnaire prior to entry in the facility. This will be done every day – no exceptions.
  • You must arrive at the facility ready to go. Appropriate academy attire must be on prior to entry. There is no access to the change rooms.
  • Enter with as little equipment as possible. Try to keep it limited to a bottle of water, your car keys, gloves and wraps.
  • There is to be no person-person contact: No sparring, no focus mitts / pads at this time. You will be assigned a 2x2M square with a heavy bag.

If there are any questions, feel free to email or DM us for clarification.

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