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Make them stronger, younger

By May 26, 2020No Comments

Getting kids under 12 tired is definitely a skill! I swear, all children born after 2007 were secretly outfitted with an endless power generator at the hospital 😂. Getting them tired is only 25% of the story. The other 75% – Focus. Fitness. Finesse – is all about helping them build strong character through confidence, problem solving and respect. As parents, we have to recognize that the age old adage still holds true even in today’s digital age:

Bend the tree while it is young

The adage isn’t only about respect. Rather, it is a guiding principle that encouraging positive mental and physical growth starts at an early age. The routines that we help our kids to establish will likely stay with them for life. It is very important that we set the foundation strong. Mighty 8s, as a Martial arts program, is one of many that encourages kids to be themselves, but within a framework that allows them to learn the key attributes required to become successful in today’s world. Check our schedule of classes, or SIGN UP for two weeks of FREE training and see if Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy is a good fit for your family.

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