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Let me first extend my sincerest gratitude for the continued support that you have provided in this difficult time. I won’t pretend that it hasn’t been extremely heartbreaking to close the academy doors barely two weeks after opening them. However, unless me or our family gets sick, I will continue to deliver a quality quarantine-safe learning experience for members of the gym and community at large. See streaming sources at the bottom of this blog post.

Daily Workouts & Virtual Training 

We had to adapt, very quickly. Every day there are two sessions that are streamed for the general public. There is a midday / 12:00PM session, catered to children. Parents can (and should join in) to continue building bonds through martial arts. Let the kids have some fun & dispense some of the energy they seem to have an unlimited supply of…

There is an 8:00PM HIIT cardio/conditioning circuit. 

The same good old strength and conditioning regime that I put you through in class is streamed online for the entire community to do. It is mostly equipment free so all that’s needed is a safe space and 30 minutes to hammer out some sweat and burn some calories. 

After the nightly live stream, we go straight into a members only session on Zoom.

This allows us to truly be in a virtual class setting. In these sessions I can see exactly what each member is doing and give corrective tips and feedback. Remember, your current state of skill and progress is a milestone achievement. I do not want you to regress on all that hard work that has been put in. Earlier this week, I sent calendar invitations to your membership email address. Please accept the invitation, it has all the details for joining at 8:30PM. If the description mentions 12:00PM, still accept and  ignore the the description. The correct time will be set in your calendar when you accept it.
PS: your family/ household members are 100% allowed to join in and participate with you!  Let us keep moving forward as best as we can, because it will be a while before we can once again congregate in person as a team.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you on Zoom (and the conditioning stream) as possible! 

Streaming Sources

Monday to Friday: 12:00PM | 8:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00AM | 1:00PM
Instagramhttps://Instagram.com/ artof8martialarts
YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/ channel/ UCPgpUU1ozyWJKLqMQqH98Dw

Monday to Friday: 8:30PM
Zoom: [Members: check your email for the invitation]

General Informationhttps://artof8.com/livestream

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay focused.


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