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We are now 31 days | 744 hours | 44,600 minutes / 2,678,400+ seconds into 2020. Where do you stand with the goals that you have set out to accomplish (fitness or otherwise)? Are you still fired up? Working hard to get to the finish line? Or are you starting have doubts, lose motivation and slowly moving back into the old routine(s)? I sincerely hope that you are all well on track and steamrolling forward like an out of control locomotive!

That being said, if you are starting to see signs of regression, now is a good time to analyze in depth why you are falling off. If you understand why, you can make proactive decisions to counter! Let’s put that in perspective using martial arts for a quick minute:

You are in the ring, facing a game opponent… Your nose is bleeding, your legs are about to give out… But your level of fitness has never been as good as it is; Your skill level is certainly higher than your opponent’s; You are prepared and well equipped to win… So WHY are you in so much pain? The answer is rather simple. You are not moving so you are getting punched in the face… and you are not blocking the leg kicks!

The analogy above represents a very real ring game (Muay Thai, Boxing, KickBoxing) scenario. It also symbolizes some very real things we all deal with on a day to day basis. In the example, the ring game is your life and or routine. The bleeding nose & sore leg are the mental & emotional obstacles trying to drag you back into 2019. Just like in the ring game scenario, the solution is relatively simple:

  • Block: The things that are heavy to carry by yourself. Surround yourself with positive influences. Take the important step of getting out of the house and into the gym – even if you are feeling low-energy, show up. It is the most important step
  • Move: Keep moving forward. If your new year goals include changing things up (for example dieting or even the number of times you get into the gym for a workout) there are days when you will mess up (especially with eating). The key thing is recognize it right away and prioritize getting back on track.
  • Simplify: Sometimes the biggest problem is actually that we try to do too much, too quickly. For example ramping into both a new workout pattern and a drastic change in diet may be too much of a shock to your body. Prioritize the workout and find your rhythm, then slowly add the dietary improvements (or vice versa).

If you have not started your journey at all… Don’t worry. You cannot reclaim the 2,678,400 seconds that have already passed… However you have twenty eight million, eight hundred and fifty seven, six hundred seconds (28,857,600) remaining to make a change. I would be honoured to be an integral part of that change and journey. Book a trial and let us see if our Muay Thai and Fitness classes are a good fit for you.

Keep up the good work!

Martello Jones

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