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With unabated enthusiasm, we are happy to announce that the target date for the opening of Art of 8 Martial Arts Academy is Monday January 20, 2020. That’s right, after months of searching, negotiating, applying for permits and renovations, we will be opening our doors to a flagship academy in just under 20 days. If this date changes, we will communicate via email and social media.

Classes will continue out of 25 Centennial Road, until the renovations are completed, and the final inspections are approved.

More Programs. More sessions. Unmatched Value.

In 2019, we launched our Muay Thai Kickboxing program with 2 classes. The community loved it, and we responded by increasing to 5 classes per week. Now, with the opening of our own facility we will be offering more martial arts programs that deliver over 20 classes per week (80+ per month). We have created membership options that will allow you to take full advantage of your interests. All programs (with the exception of the 8-TeenZ youth program) have options for 1 class per week ($39.99), 2 classes ($59.99) and unlimited ($69.99)

  • 8-TeenZ Muay Thai: 5 classes per week, ages 12 to 17
  • Muay Thai (Mixed): Up to 12 classes per week, all ages, including Muay Thai, Competition Club, Advanced Kickboxing Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring
  • Muay Thai (Ladies): all ages, including ladies only classes as well as access to Mixed classes
  • Boxing: Up to 6 classes per week, all ages, including Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring
  • X-Train Elite: Full access to all programs and classes, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Competition Club, Advanced Kickboxing Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring and Ladies Muay Thai / Kickboxing (where applicable)


  1. Sparring classes require an instructors assessment & approval.
  2. Sparring, strength & conditioning, advanced kickboxing drills require an attendance plan with a minimum of 2 classes per week. 
  3. Competition club requires an unlimited membership
  4. Students that opt to partake in sparring and competition club will be required to attend a minimum number of classes per month, to ensure safety via consistent training habits.

From January 1 – 31, get the multi-discipline, all access X-Train Elite membership ($79.99) for the price of a single discipline unlimited membership ($69.99)! That is, a lifetime, all access pass to multiple disciplines, exclusive discounts and priority access for the cost for our Muay Thai ONLY program. 

X-Train Elite (cross train elite) is the membership option that guarantees access to all applicable programs within the academy.  With this membership, a student will have full access to Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Competition Club and discounted merchandise from the store among other benefits. We are offering a limited number of memberships at this price, and when that threshold is met the deal will no longer be available for purchase. Get yours on the SIGN-UP page! 

What’s included:

  • All Boxing classes
  • All Muay Thai classes
  • Ladies only classes
  • All Strength & Conditioning classes
  • Competition Club membership (subject to proficiency requirements)
  • Setup fee waived during the Founder’s Special period
  • Academy uniform (shorts + t-shirt) included
  • Special discounts on all equipment and apparel for in-store purchases
  • Priority access to seminars, special events & ticket sales
  • This is a lifetime price, provided membership does not lapse or get cancelled.
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