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Happy New Year to all! Today marks the start of another year – another journey around the sun. In some ways, a new year is like a reset button. It helps us to find motivation and put our objectives back on track. It’s also a good time to make quality decisions about our physical and mental well being. We live in an era when our lives are so easily burdened by the negativity that is awash in both traditional and social media. It is important that as we embark on starting new regimes, workout programs, diets and so forth, we make conscious decisions to choose systems that will feed our growth and not sling us into those channels of negativity. After all, we want these changes to be lifestyle improvements and not 1 week “resolutions.” At Art of 8, we are building a community of like minded people… and healthy communities thrive because while each individual may have a different goal, the journey (including the highs and lows) is shared by everyone.

Want to kickstart your 2020 with a difference? We are running a founders special until the end of January (or the limited spots sell out). Check out the SIGN-UP page for details.

Martello Jones

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