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A blank canvas usually means more work. More work (to me) means more love, thought and connection to whatever is put on that blank canvas. Today I took possession of the keys to the unit that will house Art of 8 in the new year. It was a monumental accomplishment because it meant a step closer to realizing a dream. The unit is the canvas upon which your continued love & support will see us as a team of martial artists develop an important connection with the Orangeville/Shelburne/Grand Valley/Caledon community. We will help people develop their inner strength, physical dexterity and self confidence. In other words, our goal is to help people in this community become champions of life!

Together, we will make Muay Thai & Kickboxing a staple of this incredible community… The countdown starts…

Martello Jones

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I enjoy working on interesting projects that make life better.

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