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Although winter does not start (officially) until December 21, the squalls of snow this month certainly put winter on all of our minds! It is a time that stirs many emotions for all Canadians. It signals the merry season when people dial back the tension and try to put forward kindness & charity. It can also bring a lot of pressure ranging from “What do I buy?” to “How long is this cold going to last?” This can certainly raise the stress levels and make us miss out on the small, important moments that bind our friendships and families. I have always believed that the best approach to the winter season is to simply embrace it. Build a routine and use it to distract you from otherwise unpleasant anti-cold emotions ;-). Train martial arts, get outside & insert any activity [ for example: snowboarding, ice-fishing, skating, making snow angels etc]… but take refuge in the simple fact that you still have life and health… Do not let the negative feelings win. Stay positive. Stay Strong... Remember, the cold months are also an excellent time to work on building up your cardio, physical strength & Muay Thai skills. Hone your body and fortify your mind. Try a class and Join us in the festive season to see how our dynamic approach keeps things interesting.

Martello Jones

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