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Muay Thai is for everyone… and it is FUN!

Muay Thai classes available for kids and adults
Muay Thai classes available for kids and adults

Doing a Google search for Muay Thai will certainly yield an immense amount of pictures and videos showing cuts from elbows… If you have never tried Muay Thai, this can certainly be nerve wracking. Rest assured, as intimidating as it may look, it is a beautiful martial art and the training involved is going to make you physically and mentally stronger. The injuries that show up in those Google searches are possible in fights, that’s for sure, but 99% of our members do not fight… But they will all learn how to deliver techniques with intent!

Although possible, I don’t know of any student that has ever stepped into a Muay Thai gym and cruised perfectly through their first class. The techniques are different, the cadence is different, your striking surfaces & defense are different… However none of these are real obstacles to most people. These are skills obtained through repetition and commitment. At Art of 8, most of our members are new to Muay Thai. The demographic is incredibly diverse. We have seen mothers, fathers, young adults & teens find great interest and positive challenge in what we offer.

Remember, no one starts out being good at a martial art. However, to become good at a martial art, you must start.

Book a free trial class and see if Muay Thai is a good fit for you: https://artof8.com/trial

Muay Thai is universal – learn more by exploring our programs below

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