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Recently, I travelled back to where Muay Thai started for me – Ottawa. My first Kru (instructor) Kru Jeff (currently the Head Coach for Canada’s national Muay Thai team) took me down training memory lane. It. Was. Full. Of. Awesome.

Anyone that has ever trained under Kru Jeff’s tutelage understands how intense and fulfilling a training session can be. This session was no different, but what particularly stood out was a phrase he kept repeating – “Gym ethic is ring ethic!” Think about it, during training when the lungs are struggling to pull air in and the legs start to get wobbly from exhaustion you are in a mentally vulnerable state. Do you stop and abandon all the work you just invested in? Do you allow a temporary feeling to dictate and delay the plan you are working on for long term gains? No. You do not. You push forward. Hard.

By developing a strong gym ethic, you build up mental fortitude and resistance. If you understand that life is your 24/7 gym, you also realize that gym ethic is life ethic… That last sentence unlocks a whole slew of power and possibilities if you are willing.

Work hard, consistently and trust the words of your coaches. You will unleash potential beyond the ring, and definitely beyond the gym.

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