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Comfort is officially defined as “a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.”

What does comfort have to do with martial arts? Well, it depends on how we want to define and apply comfort within our lives: Is it defined by an achievement or series of achievements? If it is an achievement then it is very easy to find that state within our daily lives. If it is a series of outcomes, then it is a never ending process driven by the right mindset. I choose to align with the latter perspective because I always want to be in a position where I can redefine goals regardless of the challenges and still feel comfortable!

This is where the martial arts connection resides – the continuous pursuit of self improvement. It doesn’t mean challenges won’t arise and take us out of the “comfort zone” – believe me, it will happen. However, if we understand that the “comfort zone” is a part of our life long journey, then we can realize that those big challenges are comparatively small adjustments meant to make us stronger!

Beginning a martial art like Muay Thai is one of those adjustments. It may seem intimidating, from the outside. It may even appear “hard core.” I promise however, that giving yourself a fair chance, you will appreciate the art for its subtle balance of strength, focus, fitness and finesse. You will find that every stage of your development as a Nak Muay (student) resolves to a new stage of comfort that translates well into your daily life. Join us at Art of 8 Muay Thai and let’s redefine comfort from a single state into a life long journey.

Martello Jones

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