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Today, we launched our suite of morning classes! YAAAY! This gives our students an incredible opportunity to build up their technical skills, physical strength and dynamic movement in isolated sessions. The traditional approach involves combining strength & conditioning into a set of routines that allows the Nak Muay (student) to “learn-by-doing” over thousands of repetitions. This strategy works, and works really well. However, here in North America, our schedules & obligations (personal / professional) unfortunately define how much time we can commit this type of training. So, in consideration of these factors, we are de-composing the structure of conditioning into distinct classes that allow us to build up a strong foundation in a paced manner. Don’t worry, our hard core conditioning class is not going anywhere – the new classes are here to complement that experience.

Strong Body

Morning Burner classes are designed to strengthen the legs, core and upper body, so bodyweight, resistance and repetition are the key tools used to work up that sweat! A strong body forms the basic building block to a strong martial arts game… The workouts are simple in design, but competition level in delivery. We want to ensure that even the beginner can jump right in and #TrainLikeAFighter! Join us at 6:00AM on Mondays to kickstart your daily calorie burn-down.

Isolation: Core, Leg & Upper Body Strength

Body Breaking Kicks

New students are often amazed by the sheer power, speed and precision that more experienced Nak Muay & instructors deliver during kicking demonstrations. This is not by coincidence. It is by design. Muay Thai as a martial art removes a lot of the hyperbole and focuses on the development of truly powerful techniques. Rising KiX is designed to help our students develop the power and dexterity required for strong leg based techniques. This includes multiple variations of knees, straight, body & leg kicks. The pace of Rising KiX classes varies – some classes focus on power/endurance and others are more about volume/cardio. You will always leave this class with an increased technical proficiency and serious burn-down on your morning calories! Join us at 6:00AM on Wednesday mornings to start kicking up a storm!

Isolation: Kick & Knee Skill

Stick, Move & Dance

Movement & Dexterity are also key ingredients to building a strong martial arts base. Our Get Up & Box! classes are all about movement… and dancing – Seriously. Movement is a binding agent that allows the strong body you build up to deliver the techniques (offence & defence) that you train. The program is heavy on punching and the footwork required to successfully deliver & evade strikes. The dynamics are tuned such that the skills do not contradict, but rather complement those of Muay Thai. Get Up & Box! is a fast paced workout that students of any skill level can participate in. You are guaranteed to leave the studio feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day… and I wasn’t joking about the dancing… Some classes have either the warm up or cool down incorporating dance moves to kick the fun factor up a notch or three :-)! So, join us on Thursdays at 6:00AM and get your day started juuuuuuuust about right!

For all class times, be sure to check our calendar: https://artof8.com/calendar/

Click on the morning class of your liking to sign-in, reserve your spot and get started!

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