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We have added some exciting options and made some changes to the roster!

Starting Monday, September 16 through to November 29), there will be three additional classes to help our students get some GOOD workouts in!

  • Morning Burner (Mon 6:00 – 6:40 AM)
    • Morning Burner is a strength training program crafted to start your day with static and dynamic movements that will make you stronger and get the calories burning. We perform a range of bodyweight exercises that focus on the legs, core and upper body.
  • Rising Kix (Wed 6:00 – 6:40AM)
    • Rising KiX is a high intensity workout designed to get the blood pumping, calories burning and to help you start your day with a bang! Your cardio, endurance, kicking power will see drastic improvements.
  • Get Up & Box! (Thu 6:00 – 6:40AM)
    • Get Up & Box! is designed to help you start your day on the right foot… or left depending on the punches that we are working! Your punching endurance, speed and combinations will also see great improvements.

Early morning classes require a reservation via our website at least 24hrs in advance. This can be done by way of a drop-in fee, or purchasing a membership option that allows two or more classes per week. Visit the CALENDAR and select a class and time slot to get started!


The evening class schedule has also been updated to serve the Ao8 family better. Technique++ (Advanced) class is now on Fridays at 9PM.


To ensure that our students can get the best options to improve their skills and knowledge, we have opened up 6 hours of slots for private training on Saturdays between 12:15PM and 6:15PM. Sessions MUST be booked & reserved by visiting the APPOINTMENTS page and clicking on a time slot.

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