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Many times we find ourselves floating through life and dealing with a myriad of circumstances that bring us to introspection. This soul searching most often starts, and ends with WHY? This is a great thing to do because it allows us to find purpose, if we can come up with an honest answer. This is where it becomes tricky – trying to find an honest answer.

Well, why should I try this Muay Thai thing? Why should I expect better results than the last place? Why cant’t I just continue doing what I am doing now? Why invest my time, money and attention?

For nearly every breath that we take, it is very easy to find another “why.” If we allow ourselves to get lost in introspection, the end result is that we severely limit the things that we can realistically answer, and therefore accomplish. Where fitness and general health are concerned there are two things that I like to recommend.

  • Treat your introspective questions like a physical task. Write down the three items that are most important to you.
  • For the top three concerns, instead of asking why – ask WHY NOT… What do you have to lose, but more importantly – ask yourself, what do you stand to gain in the long run? Will your quality of life improve? Will you be able to (better) enjoy a hike in the woods, time on the lake or moments spent playing tag or a sport with your family?

These suggestions may not work for everyone… However, if you give it a fair chance, you might just realize that the true answer to most questions predicated on why (as it relates health and wellness) is actually yourself. You deserve to be happy, healthy and mobile. You deserve access, time and memories with friends and family.

You deserve to enjoy every moment of your life.

Martello Jones

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